Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Manica Group’s founder, Koichiro Oishi, first established its operations in 1973 as a factory in Taichung, Taiwan. Since then, our company has focused on high-quality personal care products that stand the rigor of US, Japanese, European, and other regional market standards. Our international footprint is represented by our two factories in Bangkok, Thailand, and Xiamen, China. Additionally, we have local offices in Taiwan, the United States, and Japan. The management team’s multinational background is our testimony to serve international needs that continue to increase with globalization.  

As an original design and original employer manufacturer, Manica’s team is fully involved in the design process of new products. In order to streamline our development process, our research and development team supports all phases of a project from start to finish, providing insight both from a manufacturer’s and a user’s point of view. Our highly experienced team strives to provide innovation as well as quality products. We welcome continuous dialogue with our customers for the best possible results.

I have been working at Manica for over forty years now, and am truly proud of the long-term relationships established with major global brands. I believe that our motto, Customer’s Best Friend, is at the heart of it. As a chosen strategic manufacturer, we are committed to excellence. We look forward to serving you and your company.



Wutien Huang
Chief Executive Officer of Manica Group

About Us

We are a vertically integrated company that provides high-quality original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and original design manufacturing (ODM) products and services to our customers.

Our major manufacturing categories include: personal care, mosquito repellents, office supplies, and home furniture, with an expansion into the health-care category through insulin-monitoring devices. Finished goods are exported to North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Our products can be seen at some of these retail and online locations.




Manica Group’s factories adhere to strict global standards and policies. With decades of global manufacturing experience, you can be confident that Manica will deliver innovative, quality products on time.

Welcome to Manica!

Customer's Best Friend