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Heat. Heat transfer. Small motor technologies.

Manica’s cost policy is implemented at all levels of product development and mass production. Our policy emphasizes approaches that do not sacrifice the quality of each final product. Our pricing strategies include bulk parts sourcing and purchasing, adjusting production strategies, and accommodating less costly yet efficient engineering designs. Our global team are experts in the following:

  • Innovative product design, CAD, and prototyping
  • Industry trends and technical and market competition risks
  • Intellectual property management·        Procurement and supply chain management
  • Engineering and production feasibility
  • Product safety and quality control testing

Cost Policy

After initial feasibility research is done, early concept designs are completed by in-house computer-aided design (CAD) engineers or clients. Parts are then collected and assembled in-house, ensuring confidentiality of the new sample at all times. Testing data for new prototypes are then submitted for client review.


In order to provide the best service possible, Manica has established its own research and development center in Xiamen, China. We provide customers with innovative solutions and products based on years of experience, market research, and engineering capabilities. Staff who lead our new product development monitor OEM and ODM projects to ensure they are carried out in a swift manner while safeguarding the security of intellectual properties. Our team is experienced in finance, design, engineering, production, industry trends, technical and market competition risks, product safety, testing, and production feasibility.  As a result, we are able to offer innovative, competitive products that have won and continue to win in the market place.  

Research and Development